Monday, March 30, 2009

Long time no blog!

Who? Me?

Our Taylor up and crawling.

He can be so sweet...

Mama I don't like peas.

Yep, still don't


Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Big brother and Awesome playing Mario Cart

Cuz Sam and Tyler boxing on the Wii.

Cuz Joe and Tyler boxing on the Wii

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  1. Oh, where to start?? First off, congrats on updating the blog :) Sorry about your wisdom teeth--that's not fun! Happy Birthday to Awesome & Peanut!!! They are soooo growing and absolutely Adorable! The monster truck is cracking me up :) We miss yall and wish you could be here on the 4th! We'll think about you while we are on the lake and eating homemade ice cream :) Give those boys a kiss for me and Phillip says Hi too!