Sunday, June 21, 2009

Awesome 2nd Birthday

Hi everyone! I guess it’s been a while since I updated our blog! I promise you the blog below I did 2 months ago, I guess I just for got to push the submit button! Opps! Well I’ve been down for the last 4 days because I just got my wisdom teeth pulled! So Will’s been holding down the fort while I’m buzzing on Vicodin. First I want to say happy late Mother’s Day and Happy Father’s day to all.
We had a couple of birthdays in the last 2 months. Awesome is now 2 and our Peanut is one! We officially have not had his first birthday party so I have not cried about it yet!
He loves Jello!
Making a big wish...

all 3 of my boys!

It was only appropriate that our Monster truck driver has his own monster truck!

It's so hard being 2!

Awesome sure loves cookies!

Awesome loves playing on his tractor!

He also loves getting himself dressed :)

Happy Birthday to me!

His birthday invite.