Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time sure does fly!

Oh my goodness! Has it already been a year since I bloged last?!?!? This past year has been very exciting for both me and Will. It seems all of our kids have really grown and their personalities have started to take shape! Every time we turn around our kids are doing something amazingly cute! We constantly find ourselves wishing the boys will stay at this age forever, but at the same time wondering what amazing thing they will come up next! Tyler is silly as ever! He truly loves to make people smile; even if he has to make him self look like a goof ball. I just love that about him. I hope he doesn’t ever lose that quality; it truly impresses me. Awesome is known as our Mr. Personality! This kid makes me laugh hard! He is Mr. Independent and loves to do everything (I mean everything) himself. He has to pick out his entire outfit everyday from his unddies, to socks, and everything else in between. He is also very particular about is PJ’s. I’m pretty sure he’s even made his own fashion statements once or twice. Gotta love a kid that knows what he wants. And my sweet* little peanut! Well I kind of take that back….If I wrote this blog about a week ago I would have written something different. However, putting a little * by the word sweet should be enough to get the point across. In the past week Peanut has approached the “terrible twos”. Some people would argue this with me (I won’t mention any names…..Grandma’s) but he has really thrown some fits, like on the floor whaling fits. I sure hope this passes….quickly! But I gotta say his smile will melt anyone’s heart! Apart from his twice a week tantrums, he is really a sweet kid. He also gives out sugars like he will never run out of them! He loves everyone around him, and loves to show how much he loves them with a wet slobbery kiss! Our babies are not the only ones that have grown this last year. This is going to come as a surprise to you all (so sit down when you read this next part) but Will has discovered his handy man skills….well I think Awesome showed him a thing or two! The boys built me a fence around the house last October and then he ventured into building me some shelves for my garage. A girl can never have too much storage. Next on the list are some garden boxes (but I may need to find some leverage to get him to build these)!

We miss everyone very much and I hope that it won’t be as long in between the post! I’m working on it!!!

My little helpers in the kitchen!

At the Zoo

Kids LOVE being outside!

Can you please stop growing!!!!

Our goof ball!

Who me?!?
But Why???

Our little cowboy!

I miss his hair!!!!

My little sunshine!

Can I get out??? Anyone looking?

Need I say more??? Little ham!

He loves his dog!

Trouble, meet Trouble!

Our newest addition to the family! Trouble

Hard day at work!

Daddy's little-big helper!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Awesome 2nd Birthday

Hi everyone! I guess it’s been a while since I updated our blog! I promise you the blog below I did 2 months ago, I guess I just for got to push the submit button! Opps! Well I’ve been down for the last 4 days because I just got my wisdom teeth pulled! So Will’s been holding down the fort while I’m buzzing on Vicodin. First I want to say happy late Mother’s Day and Happy Father’s day to all.
We had a couple of birthdays in the last 2 months. Awesome is now 2 and our Peanut is one! We officially have not had his first birthday party so I have not cried about it yet!
He loves Jello!
Making a big wish...

all 3 of my boys!

It was only appropriate that our Monster truck driver has his own monster truck!

It's so hard being 2!

Awesome sure loves cookies!

Awesome loves playing on his tractor!

He also loves getting himself dressed :)

Happy Birthday to me!

His birthday invite.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Long time no blog!

Who? Me?

Our Taylor up and crawling.

He can be so sweet...

Mama I don't like peas.

Yep, still don't


Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Big brother and Awesome playing Mario Cart

Cuz Sam and Tyler boxing on the Wii.

Cuz Joe and Tyler boxing on the Wii